Mother ‘Tongue’ 1

Everybody is born with a tongue.

Our tongues tell us at some point in our lives that the type of food that we got used to eating in our childhood is the best in the world.

Why does my tongue tell me that Curd Rice with Sambar is next only to ‘devamritam’ (divine nectar) ?

Why does my tongue frown when it tastes the sambar of a state that neighbors my home state ?
“After all, sambar is sambar”, I tell my tongue.
“No”, it says furiously.

I wonder at this yet another funny trait of the funny being that inhabits the piece of rock that wanders in space around a hot ball of fire – human being !

Man is a slave of his habits.

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  1. Reply venky Mar 5,2005 12:27 pm

    >very true. Chinmayananda beautifuly quotes “Man is slave to practices. You are nothing but a helpless expression of your past. But you have the power to change your future by what you do now.” (not the exact words, he used better ones).
    talking about toungue, i could think of nothing other than ammai calling me 10-20 times for making me have food. i get angry, shout at her for disturbing me. as a punishment i give for her, i eat very little and leave. nowadays, i take my bike, go to a place where they make food for money, pay for my food before i even eat, get separate token for limited thayir (ammai used to give me as much i ask her), eat, while none cares how hungry i am, tip the server for a smile that he gives me(otherwise he wont smile the next time). and i cant complain about the bad food(i used to complain even if it was good).
    ‘unconditional love’ is the name most of them give for this. but any human is made to be naturally selfish for his survival. and who teaches all moms(even of animals) to be such great personalities?

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