Sound feelings

Post lunch hour.
Productivity level dipping below zero.
Head free from thoughts about work.

My headphone promises bliss with its ability to bring subtle sounds to my auditory nerves. I sleepily add two songs to my Winamp playlist. Both From popular Tamil movies woven by two different young composers.

I hit the play button.

The first song…..
Unakkena Iruppen from the movie Kaadhal oozes sorrow.
My heart starts growing heavy as I listen to the song. Every sound lashes at my heart softly. I continue to listen intensely. to the burning voice. to the aching tune. to the pang of the sounds. The song takes me to the abyss of sorrow.
The song slowly fades out leaving me stained with sadness.

Starts the second song…..
Ennayithu Ennai Kolvathu from the movie Nala Dhamayanthi spills joy.
It transports me to a world of bliss. My body suddenly feels as light as a feather.
The crooning voice caresses every cell of mine. The music covers me with rose petals. The sounds spray nectar on my face. I start to levitate.
The song slowly slips into silence leaving me like an infant that knows only to smile and sleep.

I take a deep breath…..
It all feels so real though I am fully aware that I am only imagining.
My preconceived notions about the nature of these songs also provide extra effect.

Tricks that my senses play on me are sometimes very profound.

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