Joy of living

>S’Sumeru Sandhya’, an evening of spiritual music, philosophy and meditation in Chowdiah hall, Bangalore was much more than I imagined. Conducted by senior teachers of the ‘Art of Living’ foundation, the event was as modern as it was traditional. The Kurta-clad teachers connected effortlessly with the predominantly young urban audience by singing Bhajans with the electric guitar and answering spiritual questions in a light manner with plenty of humour.

It was amazing to hear the Bhajans with a rock music flavour without losing its true Bhajan-spirit. What was more amazing was the response from the audience that included college students, young BPO and software employees. Lot of them were dancing and singing along ! They asked questions that really mattered to them like friendship and love. And they got answers with a spiritual dimension. There was a guided meditation session too, which was similar to the one in the ‘Art of Living’ 3 day corporate course.

The philosophy and practices of ‘Art of Living’ derives largely from Vedic/Vedantic thought with some Zen/Buddhist ideas, though no particular religion is emphasised. The focus is on happiness and love.

More than anything else, the event made me realize that today’s youth is willing to live a life that is happier and healthier than what the society and their jobs offer them. ‘Art of Living’ has the potential to become a great spiritual movement of this century teaching millions the beautiful art of joyful living.

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