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Sanskrit is one of the most important things that binds us as a nation. After millennia, Sanskrit continues to inspire us in many big and small ways.
For example, when you think of naming your child, you almost certainly look for Sanskrit names – beautiful ones. There is no other language in the world which has so many meaningful, yet beautiful names.

Another example – Most literary works in Indian languages are generously soaked with beautiful Sanskrit vocabulary. Even movie song lyrics are routinely enriched by words of Sanskrit origin.

Another example – A majority of Indian contribution to Science, Mathematics, Philosophy etc. has been in Sanskrit.

Another example – International impact. Words like yoga and karma are now in English dictionary. These are ideas that people all over the world are embracing in today’s increasingly money-driven world.Unfortunately, we are unable to read and understand the original Sanskrit texts that explore these ideas.

One can think of more such examples… Sanskrit lives on. In the background of our lives. In subtle ways. It is not our Lingua Franca any more, but it is still very much alive in the fabric of our life and culture.

Unfortunately, many modern Indians identify Sanskrit with just religion This mindset needs to change. What can we do to keep alive such an important aspect of our culture that took millennia to evolve ?

1. Realize that our lives are still enriched by Sanskrit, whether we are conscious of it or not.
2. Sanskrit needs our support to survive. If we ignore our cultural aspects like Sanskrit, our descendants might curse us for having lost our identity for the sake of materialistic pursuits. Like the people of some unfortunate African nations – Western in names and outlook but still poor and backward – the sad price of losing one’s identity.
3. We are all busy. As a small step, we can associate ourselves with Samskrita Bharati – an organization that has done wonderful things to spread awareness about Sanskrit. We can support them financially and with our time.

4. We can also take up spoken/written Sanskrit courses from Samskrita Bharati and participate in the events they organize. It would be great if our youngster community can produce Sanskrit teachers.

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  1. Reply Devanathan May 2,2007 12:31 pm


    Good Effort !

    BTW, I notice some flip in your views esp. with naming children.

    LOL 🙂

  2. Reply Anonymous May 3,2007 4:46 pm

    >Krishna, I’ve been following your blog for a year now and I’ve enjoyed reading most of them. Especially, the one’s about religion, culture, Tamil and of course my favorite SANSKRIT. You have a natural talent in writing and in expressing your thoughts. Just wanted to say you are amazing and thanks for those wonderful articles. I sure will call you some day to contribute something. “All for the love of Samaskridham”.

  3. Reply SamskritaBharati May 4,2007 1:30 pm

    That was a nice write up.
    Keep it up.
    Hope you have read this article:

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