Programming Dreams 1

I wish I could program my dreams.
Like I choose my desktop wallpaper. Like I match my shirt with my pants.

When I go to sleep, I hope I don’t dream about work, but often I do. I hope I dream about fantastic things, but I rarely do.
The way I program my life is far from perfect. There are too many infinite loops and unreachable statements. I tell myself that life cannot be perfect. that perfection can be found only in dreams.

But even my dreams are too ordinary these days. Some days, I even forget what I dreamt about and just remember that I had a boring dream. Dreams used to be more creative in my childhood.

Are dreams just hazy reflections of life ?
Does a boring dream only reflect the monotony of life ?

It seems to me that wakefulness is a myth. and that we are always dreaming – either lying eyes closed on bed or while doing other activities.

I wish I could program my dreams.

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  1. Reply venky Mar 5,2005 1:38 pm

    >my views about dreams…Assume that God has asked me to live a life of say 75 years. In that period, its up to me to spend the maximum time in a way that pleases me. after that, my turn is over. its like getting a ticket for 4 rounds in a roller-coaster. some enjoy, some just grip onto the handle-bar out of fear of falling(for them not falling and getting down safe seems to be the goal of the ride), some unfortunate ones get a giddiness or some other bad incident and they need to worry about that for the rest of the ride, some try to console the unfortunate and the afraid ones(that seem to be their goal). but invariably, everyone wants to enjoy.
    now life goes like that. but since its very much longer than the short ride, and the body that carries you (or you carry) is your token for life, needs rest periodically. the period of rest is one-third of the entire life-span and its called sleep. so minus 25 years from total resulting in 50 year span, when you can use your body-token to live. in the remaining 25 years also you can live very happily but the only limitation is that you can’t use your body. dreams. as a complement, you are free from all sorts of worldly restrictions… if i want to taste poison, i can…if i want to die i can. if i want to come back to life, i can. dream is a miraculous phenomenon in human life. never under-estimate it. events in real life must obey physics, social studies, economics, biology, phsychology and many more and so most of my desires are infeasible in the awake world. so dreams are very important to me. i owe many of my original ideas to my dreams. i learnt to ride on the roller-skates and many of its nuances in my dreams before appa got me one. i get ideas for my tunes in my dreams(i play on a triton, no electricity). my dreams taught me that i was falling in love, and dreams told me that she’s leaving me even before her lips told. dreams are not disrupted signals sustaining in the brain during sleep. its part of life. more precisely, it reflects life clearer than when you are awake because your mind is really calm when in sleep, as all your interupts (eyes, ears and all senses) to mind are stopped. dreams help me find my mistakes in life. injuring the mind, like watching a horror movie will surely have its effect in my life, and it has its fullest effect in my dream.
    most of the dreams are like floating clouds, as they leave us as soon as we wake up. it doesn’t matter that i don’t remember my dream last night(even we often forget insignificant events that happen in real-life), but what i dreamt is really important. anna, said that he often dreams about the logic for the solution for the problems at work, is very natural pertaining to the highly intellectual work he is associated with. he does’nt much need his body to do his work. his mind is trained to think and it does that always(not only dreams). as we start spending more time for our own interests and hobbies, dreams become interesting.
    dreams are very potential.

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