Joy of walking 1

Walking is a joy.

Ever tried to enjoy walking in the roads of so called Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore ?

Walking on roads of this city is a nightmare for people like me who believe that walking a while everyday can offset health problems later in life.

Pedestrians are considered outcast here. They are not even allowed to walk on footpaths which are utilized generously by two wheelers. You know, they even sound horns ordering you to give way while you walk on footpaths !

Traffic signals ?
Well, the traffic signal near my office is pathetic. It is switched off very often during evenings.
And a traffic police with a big belly stands there and controls the traffic. Damn it. He never gives time for pedestrians to cross. Even the signals are set not to show green for pedestrians at times.

Does that encourage people to use signals to cross the road ?
No, jay walking is the joy of walking.

Techies of India ! Wake up. Are you really enjoying the technology that you are creating ?
Realize that life is to be lived with simplicity. Else chaos will consume this mad world.

Let there be peace again.
Let walking become a joy again.

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  1. Reply V.Shankaran Aug 30,2005 8:54 am

    >Hi Anand,

    Joy of walking

    If you try to walk through the streets of Bangalore, then you should not dream for ‘JOY’ walking. Walking (brisk) is always good for the overall health of the body. But, the time and place you choose for that kind of a walk is important. An enclosed park far from the madding croud would be an ideal place for that. Definitely, you can derive pleasure out of it also.

    Shankar Mama

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