Cooking – with love 1

I started cooking.
When I had to.
When I was sore of eating hotel food.

My friend used to say.
Food made for money will not contain love.
I think he is right.

I started cooking.
I discovered a new pleasure.
A great way to unwind.
After a day of monotony.

I can experiment.
With colors – of vegetables.
With aromas – of spices.

When crazy experiments succeed.
The joy is unexplainable.

One hour to cook.
Fifteen minutes to eat.
That does n’t put me off.
I relish both.

Food made at home.
With lots of love.
Has no comparison.

I am glad I started cooking.

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  1. Reply rowdyrascal Jun 21,2006 8:24 am

    >It wld take u to the height of creative pleasure.Be at it.

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