Loving your Job 9

>SWill I ever truly love my job ? Should I ?

Five years in the IT industry have made me realize that work is just work.
The fire that burned in my belly when I was a fresher is no more.
There was a time when I admired mere source code. Now that illusion has dissolved.

I get thoughts about making my favorite hobby my profession – Composing music, which is the most satisfying thing I have done in my life.

Practical difficulties aside, will a hobby remain enjoyable when it becomes a job ? Will it not change to an exhauster from being a rejuvenater ? Will creativity survive when deadlines loom ? In such a case, I will have to ensure that my creations are liked by others too, which is not necessary when it is just a hobby.

Similar thoughts have been blogged by Anjana.

But then, there are people like A R Rahman, who are like creativity-factories – delivering with a punch every time. Touching the fan’s heart every time.

Probably, I should make living a hobby.

9 thoughts on “Loving your Job

  1. Reply Anjana Aug 18,2006 9:13 pm

    >True. I think ‘Living’ is the best hobby to have as long as you do not have time tables;) Haha

    And who really knows about how satisfied A.R Rehman, or Sachin tendular are? If a singer is always giving hits and winning the hearts of his audience it probably means he lives more for his audience than himself:) God forbid that was a lighter note.I wish Rehman keeps giving such hits. .

    But then there are people who just don’t care for anything and go by their heart and do their jobs. But then they happen to loose lots of other things as well like money, fame etc. So it’s like to get something u have to leave something 🙂 Life is always a trade off.

  2. Reply The Imaginary Diva Aug 19,2006 3:04 am

    >Boredom because the biggest challenge when you get out of the rat race and become self-employed to the things that you love to do. One of these days, I will get a one day a week job gig that will get me to be doing something else…. Good luck!

  3. Reply Vidya Aug 19,2006 5:22 pm

    >I believe that when u do something as a hobby , u r sure to enjoy it coz u only do it when u want to.. But when that hobby becomes a profession then it can get a little monotonous..

  4. Reply coolkrishnan Aug 20,2006 5:30 am

    yeah. Life is a pendulam between survival and passions.

    >> one day a week job…
    Work eats up too much of my life too. I won’t mind a 5 day, 4 hours-a-day job 🙂

    Each kind of work gives us a different degree of boredom…. Maybe if we find something that bores us less….and less monotonous….

  5. Reply Deaths Head Roy Aug 21,2006 11:10 am

    >Yeah nice one AK…..once again, you make us think….

  6. Reply Arunkumar Aug 21,2006 2:29 pm

    >AK, good post but herez what i feel….

    If you even start thinking of the practical difficulties in converting ur hobby (like composing music) into a profession , u will not even say “practical difficulties aside” and continue thinking if u will like it after its a job…

    dont think i am pesimistic.. I like anyone who lives for his passions and understands work is just work..

    Good post.. keep them coming…


  7. Reply coolkrishnan Aug 22,2006 7:20 am

    >@naveen, arun,
    thanks guys !

  8. Reply V.Shankar Iyer Aug 23,2006 5:31 am

    >I believe you cannot correlate your hobby with your work/profession. Hobby is something you do according to your whims and fancies. But, when it comes to a profession, you are duty bound and time bound to do what you are told irrespective of whether you like it or not. So, hobby may become not your hobby anywmore. It is better, therefore, to keep both hobby and profession apart. Good posting. Keep it up.

  9. Reply Anonymous Nov 22,2006 4:49 pm

    >wat i feel is one shud get outta the ‘being employed’ thot process !!we’ve been taught only to do well @school n get a good job….n tats all we know…we got to change it !!so, start thinking…

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