Tonnes of thought 2

>Patience. Patience.
My mind is alien to this concept.

Restlessness. Hyperactiveness
They are good buddies of my mind.

Well, don’t mistake me to be a hyperactive guy. I am among the laziest.
Its my ‘mind’ that I am talking about.

The constant chattering of the mind. Its judjemental nature. Its sentimental nature. Largely drives my life.

I want more control over my life. I want my mind to simply shut up when I ask it to.

I read this somewhere recently – ‘An ounce of action is better than tonnes of thought’. I have promptly added this thought to my thought library. No action yet.

2 thoughts on “Tonnes of thought

  1. Reply Deaths Head Roy Sep 1,2006 9:54 am

    >Good one, AK!!…..

  2. Reply Vidya Sep 1,2006 5:21 pm

    >u can never take control over ur life krishna coz it seems to have a predefined path that u and me cant decipher.. But u can control of ur mind..with a little practice..

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