Unusual Week 2

>My energy has been unusually high this week. Some unusual things I did:

  • Tried (and succeeded partly) to stay consciously relaxed throughout my day – be it at office or home.
  • Walked from office to home on 4 days of the week (more than 3 kms distance). My legs did not ache a bit. On Friday, I became more walk-hungry and hence did a round each inside 2 nearby parks before going home. I was a bit baffled when I found myself enjoying the process !
  • Got a caprice to try out an interesting idea that sprung in my head, at work in the morning. Finished implementing it on the same evening, which I had thought would take longer.
  • Cracked a couple of data structure problems with unusual ease, thanks to the new fresher in our team.

Contrastingly, today(Saturday) was different, still unusual though.

  • Got up in the morning and decided to do something serious that I had n’t planned at all. Anxiety shot up.
  • During the day, I was involved in something that kept me anxious.
  • What I had always thought to be my strength – let me down totally.
  • Used auto rickshaw and walked very little. Now, its time to go to bed, my legs are aching !

Do I see a pattern ? The first point in each of the above scenarios tells me something…

2 thoughts on “Unusual Week

  1. Reply Karthick Viswanathan Sep 5,2006 5:36 am

    >If everything is unusual then what is the usual thing for you?

  2. Reply Devanathan Oct 10,2006 12:59 pm

    >Usual thing is being unusual 🙂

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