Insane Evening 6


I and my friend Deva went out for Dinner 3 days back. What happened was strangely funny.
‘Pizza Hut’ in CMH Road. We were feeling clever to have chosen the un-crowded 7.45 pm time. Lots of empty tables gave us a very un-bangalorish feeling.
We started ordering: “Tomato n Basil Soup – One by Two.”
The waiter said: “Sir, I will give you one soup and an empty bowl.”
Deva jumped: “What ? Why can’t you divide the soup in 2 bowls ?”
“Sir, our manager has instructed me to do so.”
“We have had a proper one-by-two here before.”
“Not anymore sir. Everybody is asking one-by-two. That is why…”
Deva was exploding now. He started questioning the customer service of the place and stuff. The waiter did not agree. Deva decidedly said: “Dei, let us go somewhere else.”
We left the place with half-anger half-grin and headed for MG-Brigade.
‘Three-Quarter-Chinese’. The receptionist offered us a table at the entrance of the restaurant, which felt like a side-upper berth in a train.
“No, we want a better table”
“Sir, can you please wait for sometime ?”
“No, thanks”
‘Dalia- Japanese Cuisine’. We were so eager to taste the food of the land of rising sun. Both of us being vegetarians, the menu teased us to death – Most of the items were marked as non-veg. Some were even marked as veg+non-veg ! Of course there was a tiny percentage of veg items, but by then we started wondering how the Japanese might define ‘veg’ ! We left the place grinning at the waitress who failed to promise us a dish without any citizens of the Animal kingdom in it.
‘Tangerine’. We wondered why this restaurant was located in such a secretive place. No wonder there were n’t too many people eating there. Buffet. Looked tasty. We agreed to eat, but not before enquiring about the wallet factor. 250 Rupees seemed too much for the number of dishes, but the thought of finding a fifth restaurant quickly fixed us in the trap. Never in my life had I eaten a buffet which had no hot dishes like this one. Cold they were all – Pulav, curries, spaghetti. The quiet ambience was the only consolation, that was obviously because of a stupid location and mediocre food.
Is there a restaurant that serves decent food and has good service and is not too crowded and that does not vaporize my credit card ? I can hear Bangalooru shouting : “Get out from me !

6 thoughts on “Insane Evening

  1. Reply rajagopalan Dec 14,2006 2:05 pm

    >Probably a little homework would have saved you from the plight. Some quick enquiries might have landed you in a better place like Ankitti on Church Street. Or you could have gone to the usual haunt, Brindavan.

  2. Reply Deaths Head Roy Dec 14,2006 3:13 pm

    >And all vegetarian……pretty much impossible AK!!……and Tangerine is actually a great place to eat….again not for vegetarians……

  3. Reply Arunkumar Dec 14,2006 5:40 pm

    >generally after a lot of issues, u will be in soup but in this case u went thru a lot of issues because of a soup 🙂
    he he… guess u head home to CBE for good food 🙂

  4. Reply vignesh Dec 15,2006 1:36 am

    >why would anyone walk out on a by-2 issue …. anyways better luck next time ….. try the road side shops in the parallel street to commercial street , you can get good dosa, uttapam, idly , veriety of chutney, sambar , noodles, fried rice … hot jilepi …. all in one street … but u will have to stand on the street and munch and get your own water bottle …

  5. Reply coolkrishnan Dec 15,2006 6:26 am

    >@raj, @vig,
    u guys missed the point – it was not all that disappointing… we actually enjoyed the process of going around the restaurants ! guess the way i wrote this does not make it clear enuf !

    veg or non-veg – the food should be hot first da ! The buffet was pathetically cold.

    >> generally after a lot of issues, >> u will be in soup but in this
    >> case u went thru a lot of issues
    >> because of a soup 🙂

    super da arun !

  6. Reply Anonymous Dec 18,2006 9:34 am

    >I think by now you would have got the meaning of being ordinary and extra-ordinary..

    ordinary ppl will goto the better place Adayar AB first where everyone else go..

    extra-ordinary ppl will not even try to divide the soup by themselves and end up in doing EXTRA walk and ending up in a place where no ordinary men are around them 🙂 🙂

    enjoyed ur last two posts.. just givin a combined comment 🙂

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