Burning Money 4

>Burning money is a popular hobby.

Go to an average restaurant in Bangalore. There, money cannot buy happiness. Not even good food or a decent service. The only guarantee is that you can burn money at a pretty decent rate.

There are faster, more stylish ways of burning money. PVR Gold Class. Pizza Hut. Amoeba Game parlour. I found a slower, elegant way to burn money. Use match sticks.

Luxury cannot be avoided in a society. But of late, people who spend in such ways come from the large middle class segment of the society.

Just think about it. For a good dinner with friends, do you spend 2 days of your monthly salary ? How often do you go for such a dinner ? Are you burning money ?

Money has become the most preferred medium to express one’s friendship, love, respect and all kinds of emotions to other human beings. Gifts and treats are all about money. Reason – No time to spend, only money.

Skewed evolution of human society.

If you have no better hobby, start one soon. And see the difference.

4 thoughts on “Burning Money

  1. Reply Devanathan Jul 17,2007 10:21 am

    >No message at all – just burning time and space (google disk space)

    Is this the quality of AK blog ?
    I dont know whats happening… Any guesses ??

    I remember a tamil proverb : Kazhudha theynchi katterumba pochu (Donkey became an ant after working hard) 😉

    Are you working hard or is it the result of hardly working ?

  2. Reply Arunkumar Jul 17,2007 2:41 pm

    No time to spend, only money.
    very true..

  3. Reply Sen Jul 18,2007 10:43 am

    >Felt the same when
    i was in blore..
    but cant help…!!

  4. Reply Deaths Head Roy Jul 19,2007 1:07 pm

    >Yeah….all those pretentious places…Cafe Coffee Day for one….there are countless others!!…

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