Change is nature 2

‘Change is the only constant’

We have heard this many times. Have n’t we ? But, how deeply do we understand this idea ?

If you believe in science, then you will appreciate probability theory. “Good” and “bad” things in our life are merely perceptions. Mathematically, these are just positives and┬ánegatives in a graph called life. A straight up-trending line in a graph would sound too silly and unnatural to even a school child. Then why do we expect it in our life ? Are n’t we being too irrational ?

I am happily confused.

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  1. Reply Anonymous Sep 23,2012 2:31 am

    How can you say that change is the only constant ?
    Following are few of mathematical constants
    1. euler’s number e is a constant
    2. golden ration is a constant
    3. laplace limit is a constant

    There are few physical constants as well. As physical constants are believed to be constant until someone refutes it, I am not quoting it here.

    Why would natural lograthmic (uptrending) curve look unatural to that school child ? He/she not learnt about it ?

    Jobless Heraclitus wrote “Nothing endures but change” in Greek. That was wrong translated into “Change is the only constant” and it is still quoted by many like you.

    • Reply coolkrishnan Sep 23,2012 1:16 pm

      euler’s number, golden ratio etc are abstract things. They are not tangible things that we usually associate with nature.

      An up-trending curve is not commonly seen in nature. Maybe in classrooms.

      Sea waves go up and down. Day and night alternate. If you observe nature carefully, you will find beauty and symmetry, but not a constant uptrend or downtrend.

      Thanks for reading my post and thinking deeply about it ­čÖé

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