Satvik Mind

The 3 gunas(attributes) of the mind – satva( सत्व ), rajas( रजस् ) and tamas( तमस् ).

This idea is often oversimplified to things like food. I wonder if this idea of gunas of the mind can be put to some real use.

We spend one-third of our life sleeping, which is perhaps tamasic.

We spend another third working, which is mostly rajasic.

The remaining third with TV, house-keeping and bill-paying. This is definitely not satvik.

Where is the satva ? Satva in my understanding is ‘awakened state of non-action’. When the mind observes the surroundings calmly with no impulse to react or judge, without ego.

When the mind enters the realm of satva, it gives us a small chance to elevate ourselves beyond the mundane.  The chance is small, but is definitely the only one.

I wonder what people will do to enter the realm of satva, if they are aware of this possibility. I will probably go for a long walk on a calm road with trees on the sides (and try not to think about important things).

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