I, Vegan (v-gun)

I have been a vegan for one and a half years now.
Keeping low profile most of the time. Never actively trying to propogate the idea.

Finally, I feel I should talk about it more. At least make people aware that it is possible to live a cruelty free life.

Human species is evolving fast. Veganism is inevitable. For our descendants, if not us.

How long can this mindless killing and exploitation of animals continue ? Nature will not let one species go too far. It did not let the dinosaurs. We need to stop. And think.

Do we still believe that we need milk for protien ? Even adult cows don’t need it !
Do we need that silk saree which came out of the painful death of thousands of silkworms ?

Vegans will conquer. It is just a question of time, folks.

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