Soul of Sambar

Being from a family of obsessive compulsive Sambar drinkers, I have some deep insights to share with the rest of the world.

A good Sambar has a well rounded personality.

Its enviable body is made of smoothly mashed cooked toor lentils (துவரம் பருப்பு / तुवर दाल). The key is ‘smoothly mashed’.

Its mind arises from the delicate blend of spcices and flavors – Coriander dominates, but not too much. Sambar is where red chilli reached enlightenment – what a pilgrimage from Central America to South India ! Fenugreek may be hardly noticeable in Sambar, but is inevitable. Tamarind / tomato for tanginess completes the mix.

Have you discovered your soul ? Till you do, lets stay with Sambar. The soul of Sambar is some fresh, slow cooked vegetables that have absorbed the flavors and spices – s l o w is the key ! Sorry, pressure cooking is not slow cooking. The way the essence of vegetables enrich the Sambar is a separate topic in itself.

When organic, these individual ingredients take Sambar to the next level – Something that the current chemical generation may not be familiar with.

Try out on a Sunday.

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